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I'm Bethany Anderson, creator of Stile + Co.  I started out my journey doing food and product photography quickly realizing there was a huge hole in the market for small backdrops! After carrying heavy wood photo boards to shoots for months, I set out in 2018 to create vinyl photo backgrounds made specifically for food and product photographs that were realistic, lightweight, and durable. Last spring we launched our newest product, our magnetic stiles. Realizing that we needed a rigid backdrop option, we came up with an idea that changed the backdrop industry all together.  We wanted to keep the durability and flexibility of our vinyls, but now with the ability to prop them up.
Believe it or not, I didn’t intentionally hire someone with the same name as me to help run this business! Bethany Powers has been with me almost a year now, and she has truly put her heart and soul into Stile and Co. I met Bethany several years back when we were two local photographers with the same name in the same city. As Stile and Co grew and the opportunity to hire came available, I knew there was no one else better for the job! I am scatter brained, always thinking of new things, and start jobs that I don’t finish. She is so organized, focused, and makes sure the job gets done. She currently does all of our shipments, customer service, and helps with just about anything you can think of!


We currently offer two different backdrop materials.
Our original vinyl has a smooth matte finish. The white backing allows you to flip it over and shoot on a clean white surface. This vinyl material is specifically made to roll out completely flat, straight out of the tube. No need to tape down the corners or lay it out over night. Keep them stored with the print side rolled out in the tube to reduce roll marks.  But don't worry, if your stile begins to wrinkle just pull out your steamer and it will be good as new! Make sure to lay your original vinyl stiles on a flat surface to avoid wrinkles. We currently offer this material in a small (24"x30") and a large (36"x42").
Our magnetic stiles have a smooth texture with an additional matte or glossy coating.  These are backed with a super-thin magnetic sheet that allows it to easily attach to our magnetic boards giving you a rigid backdrop option. Use two stile boards to create a mini studio set up. With the magnetic stile rolled with the print side out, attach one end first and simply roll it out on the board. Check out our video below to learn more!