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Can you match my brand colors?

We sure can! We offer two different custom options: custom colors and custom designs.

Custom Colors: When purchasing a custom colored style just send us a message with either the HEX, CMYK, or Pantone color that your brand uses and we will print them to match!

Custom Designs: For our custom designed backdrops we have done everything from logos across the backdrop to custom designed tiles. Just send us an email and we can work together to get a design that works perfectly for your brand!

What size is it?

Our original vinyl and magnetic vinyl stiles are 24"x30" (2'x2.5') and our large vinyl stiles are 36"x42" (3'x3.5'). Right now we only offer the magnetic in the smaller size due to increased cost of shipping and warehouse space.

Can I use these if I'm not a photographer?

Of course! We love seeing all types of entrepreneurs and small business owners use our backdrops! Whether you are a blogger, shop owner, or instagram influencer, our Stiles can help you take your photos to the next level!

What if my stile was damaged in the mail?

Email us with your order number and photos of the damage and we can work together to get it taken care of! While we do our best to package and ship them carefully, things can always happen along the way that is out of our control. We do want to make sure to that all of our customers get the quality product that they ordered.

Can I return it for a refund? 

We do accept returns on orders that are not custom within 30 days of your purchase.  You will need to ship it back in the original packaging and return labels are not included.  We will process the return as soon as we receive it back. 

Do you do collaborations? 

We do! Here is our collab info:

Make sure to include why we would be a good fit to collaborate.

How does it come shipped? 

The magnetic stiles and original stiles are shipped in a 3" shipping tube while the magnetic stile boards are shipped in a box.  If you purchase a board with 4 or less magnetic stiles the stiles will also come shipped in the box.  If you purchase more than 4, we will ship the stiles separately. If you'd like an additional tube for storing your magnetic stiles but purchase less than 4, let us know!

What are the similarities between the magnetic vinyl and the original vinyl?

All of our backdrops have extremely realistic designs that make them great to photograph on.  They are also waterproof, can roll up to be stored, and are lightweight to carry. The original vinyl and magnetic are also the same size (24"x30").

What is the difference between the magnetic vinyl vs. the original vinyl? 

Magnetic Stiles: The magnetic stiles have a black back that attaches to the magnetic stile board to create a rigid backdrop, they come in two different finishes (Matte and glossy) depending on which design you purchase. The glossy designs will be labeled glossy on the website, otherwise they all have a smooth matte finish.  All of our magnetic stiles have a coating over them that makes them super easy to clean without damanging (We have even tested out nail polish and nail polish remover and it came right off!)

Original Vinyl: The original vinyl has a white back that can be used to photograph on as well as a solid white option. The original vinyl should be placed on a solid floor or table (not carpet or rugs) to ensure that it is smooth without wrinkles when photographing.  The original vinyl lays out completely flat straight out of the tube as long as it has been stored with the print side out safely in the shipping tube.

How do you clean them?

Both our magnetic and original vinyl are super easy to clean! The magnetic vinyl has a coating over it so it is a bit more durable than the original vinyl.  Clean both of them with any household cleaner, however, when cleaning the original vinyl scrub a little more lightly so that the ink doesn't start to wear off. You can also steam the original vinyl material to help it lay out flat if its been stored incorrectly. The magnetic material shouldn't be steamed, and should lay out completely flat when attached to the magnetic stile board. 

Other questions? Reach out to us at!