Can you clean them?

Absolutely!  You can clean them off with a rag and windex if they get messy during your shoot.  They are made to handle it!  To extend the longevity of them, I would use a rag or sponge to clean with instead of anything abrasive.

Do they lay flat?

They sure do!  I tried out several different materials before finding the right vinyl.  This material is specifically made to lay flat.  We do advise that you roll them and store them in the shipping tube that it comes in with the printed side facing out.  If for some reason they get crumbled or bent, you can take a portable steamer and steam out the wrinkles.  After steaming, you can roll it back up for storage in the tube and it should be good as new!

Do they look real?

Yes!  Our goal from the beginning was to create something that made you question if it was really a backdrop.  We try out all of our backdrops before sharing them online to make sure they are super realistic.

Can I use these if I’m not a photographer?

Of course!  We created these with the small business owner in mind.  These are so easy to lay out and photograph all of your products on with on your iPhone!  However, they were made by a photographer and are so realistic that it makes them perfect for professional photographers as well.

Are they paper?

They are not paper.  We wanted to create a product that was going to be much more durable and realistic than paper backdrops.  They are a durable vinyl that will lay flat and does not show the lines that normal vinyl has.

Can they get wet?

They can get wet!  No need to worry if you accidentally spill something on them!

How do I store them when I’m not using them?

When you aren’t using them, roll them with the print side facing out and store them back in the tube.  Make sure not to keep them anywhere that will get too hot because the vinyl may start to show the rolls.