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We are SO excited to announce the launch of our new Magnetic Stiles! We are constantly asked how to prop up our vinyl backdrops to create a rigid backdrop, and now we have a perfect solution!
Part 1: Our Stile boards! These boards are a 24"x30" board that has one magnetic side. You can use one by itself flat on the ground to create flatlay images or you can use two and prop the second one behind it to create a mini photo studio.
Part 2. Our Magnetic Stiles! All of our beautiful handcrafted textures are now offered in a magnetic material. This material is just as thin as our original vinyl and has a matte smooth finish as well. The only difference is that it has a superthin magnetic backing that allows you to attach it to our Stile boards! You simply roll it with the print side out, attach one end flush with the board, while holding one end in place, roll out the rest of the Stile! This gives you an easy, rigid backdrop! Easily pull the Magnetic Stile off and put a new one on to change your scene! 
Already have a large collection of our original vinyl? No problem! Just use clips to clip your original Stiles to the magnetic board!
We can't wait to the photos you create with these! Tag us on insta @stileandco! 
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