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Using Custom Colored Stiles for Bold Product Photography

Using Custom Colored Stiles for Bold Product Photography

Did you know that we have the option to buy custom colors and designs? They're perfect for bold and eye-catching designs!

You can find Custom Colors on our website under the Shop tab!

This shot was taken using two of our custom colored stiles and some sunlight! Here's the quick and easy set up, and it took just around five minutes total for the shot!

1. Lay out your board and roll out your first color!

2. Roll out your second color, splitting the first color in half. 

3. Set out your product!

4. Hold the second color up to create a curved background. 

5. Take the shot!

And if you'd like, we have a video up on our TikTok page showing how we set this up!

Hope this helped with some ideas of how to use our custom colored stiles for bold product photography! And again, you can check out those as well as our custom design stiles under the Shop tab on our website! 

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