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Original Vinyl Stiles vs. Magnetic Vinyl Stiles

Magnetic vs. Original Vinyl Stile and Co. Photography Backdrops

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Here at Stile and Co., we offer two main types of stiles: Magnetic and Original Vinyl. We wanted to share the difference between the two along with the usefulness of each types of stiles.


Magnetic Stiles

The Magnetic stiles have a black back that attaches to the magnetic stile board to create a rigid backdrop. They come in two different finishes (Matte and Glossy) depending on which design you purchase. The glossy designs will be labeled glossy on the website. Otherwise, they all have a smooth matte finish. All of our magnetic stiles have a coating over them that makes then super easy to clean without damaging. We have even tested out nail polish remover and it came right off! Magnetic stiles are super fun and don't require any additional clips or supports since it sticks to the magnetic board. 

magnetic vinyl stile with black back


Original Vinyl Stiles

The Original Vinyl has a white back that can be used to photograph on as well as a solid white option. The original vinyl should be placed on a solid floor or table (not carpet or rugs) to ensure that it is smooth without wrinkles when photographing. The original vinyl lays out completely flat straight out of the tube as long as it has been stored with the print side out safely in the shipping tube. In addition, clips can be used to prop it up and fasten it with a board or frame. This type is so easy to smooth out as well with just a little steam. The vinyl works really well for sweep product photography as well!

original vinyl stile with white back


Overall, both are great options depending on what type of shot you're looking for! Check out our website to see the different types for yourself!

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