3 iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks

As the old saying goes, "The best camera is the one you have."  I couldn't agree more, especially now when we all carry these amazing cameras with us all the time!  Let's dig into unlocking the crazy awesome potential of your iPhone camera! Here are 3 of my favorite little tricks when using your iPhone camera.

1. Grid with flatlay leveling.  When you are taking a flatlay photo, and it just looks "off" to you, try turning on your grid.  Go to Settings > Camera > Grid and make sure that it is turned on.  When you do this not only does it give you a grid to help you with composition but it also enables a level when you are shooting flatlays!  This is probably one of my favorite features!  When you line up the + in the middle it will become completely yellow when its flat.  This only works when you are doing a flatlay, but it can be so handy!  


2. Changing the focus and exposure in camera.  Another one of my favorite features is changing the exposure in camera!  I love my images to be bright, and this helps get that look right in your camera.  I typically don't over expose too much, because I like to edit then in Lightroom afterward, but I do like to bring then up a little.  When you are taking a photo you can click anywhere on the screen and that is where it will focus.   A little yellow box will come up so that you know.  Beside the yellow box will be a sunshine and if you touch that sunshine and drag it up and down it will change the exposure of your shot!  It takes a little getting used to, but once you learn it you will be using it ALL the time! 



3. Use the volume keys as a shutter.  When taking overhead shots (especially if you are raising your camera up) it can be hard to move your hand to touch the shutter button on your camera.  Apple has set up the iPhone to mimic a DSLR so that when you are holding it horizontally you can press the volume button on the top so that it feels more natural and reduces shake when you are taking the picture!  


Hope these few tips have helped!

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  • These are super helpful! Sometimes, little tips make a big difference. Thank you!

    Emily Myers Duke

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