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I can't tell you how many times I have taken a flatlay food photo with my iPhone and people have automatically assumed I took it with my camera.  Because with the right lighting, styling, and editing, you can make your food photos look like they were taken by a professional. 

So, follow along!

Have you ever looked at a good food photo and it immediately made you hungry?

I do all.  the.  time.  

When you use your hand to cut a bite into the biscuits or break a cookie in half with the chocolate chips melting out the side, you are creating a photo that isn't just "content" its inviting the viewer to join in on all the deliciousness!  One of the most important parts of creating an appetizing food photo is to let the image tell a story.  

Place a fork on top of the napkin, use a roller to tell the story of the food being made, spread some ingredients on the backdrop.  All of those things will make the food look like its meant to be eaten.  


Make sure your styling makes sense.  I like to add ingredients, utensils, or other objects to frame my dishes, but only if they add to the object.  (For instance, don't add an egg to a photo of cookies.  Instead add extra chocolate chips or a glass of milk) 

Also, make sure not to overcrowd the image.  You want the main dish to be the hero of the shot.  Sometimes, if the dish is intricate enough, you don't need anything else in the shot.  Just let the dish do the talking. 


When you are lighting the shot I recommend using good natural light.  Either beside a window or even outside.  Just make sure there is no direct light and that it is either in the shade or out of the sunlight.  

Choosing a backdrop..

All of our Stiles are super durable and easy to be cleaned so that even if you make a mess you can take some windex and clean them off.  I like to place the Stile on the ground as my backdrop for the flatlay, and then I take a white tri-fold foam board and put it on the opposite side of the window or light source.  This will let the light coming in bounce and eliminate some of the harsh shadows you might get.  

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Hope these tips help!  As always, practice makes perfect.  Take some time and play around with it until you find a style that you love!


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