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Introducing: The Seamless White Sweep Backdrop

Introducing: The Seamless White Sweep Backdrop


Introducing our newest stile: The Seamless White Sweep Backdrop.

It's finally here and we are SO excited!! We've been working around the clock to perfect this new sweep styled backdrop. We started with your favorite magnetic white stile, kept all of your favorite qualities -like the durable matte coating- and extended the length. This new stile is 2.5' x 4' which fits perfectly across two stile boards and still rolls up easily in your same travel tube!

If you've been trying everything from poster board to a painted white wall and everything in between, but still aren't getting those professional results you're wanting, this is your answer! Just check out what this easy set up can do: 


behind the scenes and final image


I mean talk about clean and polished! All you need are 2 stile boards and our new white sweep stile. Lighting is up to you whether you want to add some studio lights or keep it simple with natural light from a window. Do as little or as much post editing on your final image as you'd like and *snap* you have a stunning white backdrop image!

We're so happy to launch these sweep stiles TODAY on our website! Check it out here! Enjoy!!

final images

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