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Getting Creative with your Flatlay Styling

Getting Creative with your Flatlay Styling

One phrase I hear ALL the time from people when talking about photography in their business is, "I just don't have the eye for it!"

Well, what if I told you that you don't have to have an eye for it?  What if I told you that with a few simple tips and tricks, you could take photos that you actually loved?  

Lets talk about styling!  Here are a few of my favorite rules to stick to when getting creative with your flatlays.

1.  Frame your product.  Whatever the main point or product is to your image, you want to make sure it isn't overshadowed by all of the props that you are using in your photo.  I like to add 3-4 things around the edges of my shot that pertain to whatever I am trying to get across in my image.  If you crop the edges of the prop items it will make the viewer believe that the hero item in the middle is the most important.  One of my favorite things to frame is food.  It is super easy to add ingredients or utensils to frame the product and it makes the image less boring than just having your food on a textured flatlay backdrop. 



2.  Create negative space or leave room for text.  This is one of my favorite ways to clean up the your Instagram.  Negative space is an easy way to make your feed feel clean.  It is easy for your feed to begin to feel busy and adding a photo every few posts that has negative space will help keep it from being to overwhelming.  Another fun way to announce something is to use negative space in the middle of your shot so that you can post text over it.  I like to use apps like Over or Canva to create cute graphics.

3.  Create a grid or lifestyle layout for your products.  This is a good way to batch create content for Instagram.  You can switch up flatlay backdrops and products to create lots of content at one time.  With a grid layout you can show several options

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