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Bethany's Top Three Tips for iPhone Photography

Bethany's Top Three Tips for iPhone Photography

Hello there, friends!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is later this week? It has arrived so quickly! We've been so busy here at Stile and Co. getting ready for the holidays, and we appreciate you being here to follow along with us this season.

I wanted to slow down to share my top 3 tips to get the perfect iPhone shot so you are always prepared to take great photos - especially in the midst of these bustling holiday months. 

1. Set Up Your Stiles by a Large Light Source

Natural light from windows and doors is best. Pro-tip: use a reflector to soften the shadows!

2. Avoid Blue Hours

Light can be really blue just before the sun rises and before it begins to set, especially in the winter time. If you can't avoid shooting at these times, warm up your photos when you edit them. I love to use Lightroom!

3. Use Lightroom Mobile to Edit Your Images

I love Jana Bishop presets or Light and Airy presets. There are tons of great presets out there! I typically apply a preset and then adjust the temperature and exposure to where I like it. I also suggest using the white balance dropper on something neutral/grey to get a more true to life color!

I hope you you find these tips to be helpful and would love it if you'll share your photos with me! Be sure you're following us on Instagram - it's our favorite way to keep in touch!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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